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I work for a multi-carrier company and I do have some bias going on for koodo. I always suggest koodo first before any other company but when the customer would not be approved due to bad credit or whatever, I switch them over to virgin. virgin approves most of my failed koodo activations with a deposit of about 50-600 dollars and a credit limit. A lot of the people i deal with are willing to pay the deposit to build their credit.

I sure do wish koodo would have the same that way I would get more people on koodo!

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That was kind of a barrier for me too when I worked at Mobile Shop but on the flip side of the coin we had lots of people who wanted to walk away with $0 phones so a deposit or buying the phone outright would have ruined it for them. Telus was the worst; either you got denied or they wanted a $600 to $1,000 (with international dialing disabled!!) security deposit on a phone that wasn't even worth that much so it was kind of useless. I had pretty good success getting people approved with Fido. They usually let anyone in lol