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Deleting Koodo account after moving / porting over to Telus.

Hi. I used to be with Koodo. And as Koodo is a subsidiary company of Telus, I'd like to know if: (1) the credit amount that is currently posted in my profile is automatically sent back to me as a refund? If not automatically, do I need to phone or contact Koodo (e.g. via email) to have this done for me? (2) if the credit is not posted as a refund either automatically or by request, is the credit ported to Telus as a credit with them instead then? Thanks in advance for your response.

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Just because Koodo is a subsidiary of Telus doesn't mean their billing systems are the same, so no, the credit will not be posted over to Telus. However, I would call Koodo and request it sent to you. We are talking about an actual credit on your bill and not any sort of Tab balance, correct?
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First off do not cancel your account with koodo if you wish to port your # to Telus, just go to Telus with your account # & tell them you want to port your koodo # to them (if you cancel your koodo account first you'll lose your 😵. When they do that your koodo account will be automatically closed. If you have any service credits on your account from overpayment of your bill you will receive notice on your final bill that will be sent to your address and can request a refund of the overpayment, the same goes for any money owing to Koodo for services or if you still have tab credits owning from the purchase of your phone. Positive tab credits will be lost when cancelling your account as they have no cash value.
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Hi there Frank... You will need to call Koodo, then, if the amount you are talking about is product of Overpayment, you could request a refund that will be sent to your address via Cheque, usually within a month after the request...
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Telus & Koodo are separate companies, under the Telus umbrella corporation.