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Default settings not always the best!

What makes me happy is that Koodo would stoop to such a low level to make a couple of bucks. I specifically made sure that my billing choice was set to "Paperless" but somehow, somewhere, it got changed. So, I received a bill in the mail this month and will get charged again next month because the change wont go through 'til the next billing cycle. That makes me very happy with Koodo. Anyone else?

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That's a bummer. 😞 Maybe try calling koodo and explain the problem very politely and they might be able to take back the charge for receiving a paper bill.
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Is this your first bill? Everyone gets a paper bill for that.
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If the person in store set it up as ebilling then it could just be a glitch. Call them and they'll sort it out.
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But we are really talking about an extra $2 for the paper bill, perhaps an extra $4 over two months (until it's fixed) and it's easy enough to change with self serve. Personally, if they did this to me it isn't worth my time trying to get a credit for $2 or $4, I'd just change it in self serve and move on. The error would have to be a lot more than $2 (or $4 in total) for me to bother to take the time to call them or worry about it 🙂