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Dear sir.

Hello, my name is Kyehee Lee and I am writing to you concerning a problem that has arisen from unpleasant situation in your Metro town office.
About a month ago, I went to Metro town office with my daughter and signed up for new mobile phone plans. A sales person told me that I and my daughter would get 10$ discount for each of us for next 6 months. But when I checked bill, it didn't give me any discount, so my daughter talked to your sales persons and complained. The sales person changed the word and said that I and my daughter must wait 6 months for credit.
I was really upset. I'm writing to ask for a $10 discount for each of us as you promised in the first place. If you cannot accept it, I will find out other promotions another company offers.

I will wait for your answer. Thank you.

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Discounts are generally applied on the 2nd to 3rd bill. You will still recieve the discount just not as timely as you expeceted to.
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Hi Kyehee - confirming that Allan is correct, in that discounts like this usually kick in by the 2nd or 3rd invoice. This should have been made clear by the store at Metrotown. When you say you followed up with an agent, was that at the store as well? We'll follow up to ensure the store is clear on the process.
I can also confirm that I see the credits programmed on both of your lines (ending in 52 and 12) - you should see the discount on your next bill and they will continue for 6 months on both lines. Apologies for any confusion. Hope that helps.