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date for withdrawls

I am a monthly customer. I use automatic withdrawals from my chequing account to pay my bill. I know the date of withdrawal had changed in November 2014. But since then the actual debit from my account has been all over the place..ie 3 nov 2014-1 dec 2014-31 dec 2014-2 feb 2015-2 mar 2015-31 march 2015-5 may 2015....this is quite annoying and causes problems for me when trying to manage my monthly expenses. Could this be a problem with my bank? when is the payment supposed to be actually withdrawn? Thanks

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Hi, If you set the automatic withdrawals from your bank then whenever you have a bill Koodo will try to pull the money, it is not your bank's issue but Koodo's. If you want a explanation about when your money is taken out, the best people to answer your question is a customer service rep available at *611 from your Koodo phone. Myself, I have pre-authorized credit card payments set-up but I always go in manually to pay it off just so that I can confirm the payment went through as once there was an issue with the payment and Koodo had not told me and went straight to blocking my service.
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Why not pay with online banking instead? Pay it 3 days before the due date so that the payment gets there on time