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Data was all used before I was handed the phone

I just got a new phone today with a 1/2 gig of data so I could do a particular thing. I walk out the store to find my entire month of data was used by Best Buy setting up my phone before I even got it. Is there anything you can do about that so I can actually use some data for the purpose I bought the plan for?

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Contact customer service. *611 or send a private message on Koodo's Facebook page. There is a tolerance in data usage in the first 10 days of purchase.

Check out the following for some background:

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There should be a notice written somewhere that warns customers that most Android and iOS devices have data enabled right from the factory. Reps should be coached to ask customers whether they want data enabled or not at point of sale or activation. To be fair, it's the device itself that's downloading updates, often without the customer realizing it. Data is likely left on so that the seller, in this case Best Buy, can demonstrate to the customer that data works.

If you're a new customer, there is a ten day grace period that allows you to familiarize yourself with the phone while monitoring data consumption. If you're an existing customer, call in (*611) and politely explain the situation to the rep. They may be able to restore the data used.

(Note: wait times to speak to a rep may be longer than usual, sending a private message on Koodo's Facebook page may be a better option).
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I understand your frustration. Five hundred MB is a lot of data. In my case, it takes about three weeks of day to day use to consume that volume of data. For it to be consumed before you even received the phone is astounding!