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I don't understand the data usage. The phone itself says I am close to the monthly data usage but when I come here, the self serve says I have lots of data usage left. Which should I go by to avoid paying for extra data. There is quite a difference. The phone says about 470 mb, the site says 145.

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When you say phone shows 470mb what exactly is showing this? is it a 3rd party app ? On the site when does it show as last updated? As data may have been used but not posted to the site yet. If the site shows being recently updated I would go with that as your current data
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The Koodo site would be the official usage. Your phone can only give you an approximation of your data usage, and cannot be relied upon for billing purposes. The likely reason for the huge discrepancy is that your phone isn't resetting your data usage with the beginning of your billing cycle. Under your phone's data usage settings, there should be option to set your billing cycle day. This will ensure that each month when your billing cycle starts, the phone will zero your data usage and restart the calculation.
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I believe your phone may also be measuring MMS and wifi usage, which don't count towards Data Usage. When in doubt, always trust self-serve. Also, I think we all agree that the best data monitoring and quick switching 3rd party app out there is 3G Watchdog. We LOVES IT. It's pretty accurate. But again: Self Serve is all that will hold weight in a potential dispute.
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What's your device? We might be able to suggest better ways of tracking Mobile Data usage.
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Note the time that your data usage was last updated on self serve. https://d1qy7qyune0vt1.cloudfront.net/koodo-en/attachment/1_inline.bmp
Thanks for all the help! The usage was updated this morning. My husbands new phone says he is 7 MB's from the limit and he has had it since Sept. 22. The self serve is much better. His phone is Samsung Galaxy S2x, mine is Samsung galaxy Ace2x. We just use the data app that came with the phone. I think I will look at the 3G watchdog tho, sounds interesting.
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Laura Robinson wrote:

Thanks for all the help! The usage was updated this morning. My husbands new phone says he is 7...

Depending on the usage app you are looking at, it may require for it to be manually reset on a monthly basis. Or like Timo said below, making sure it matches the billing cycle
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Make sure the billing cycle in the data usage app matches your billing cycle with koodo.