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Data Usage

Will Koodoo send me a message to warm me if I am about to go over my data limit?

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You'll get a warning text at 75% and 90% of your usage. Make sure to check your usage on self-serve.
I think there are apps that help you with that too!
If your account has a fixed data amount, yes. If you're on the pay per use data rates then no.
Onavo is a great data usage app if your phone doesn't already have it's own way to track your data usage (like the Samsung Galaxy S2X has built in). Should allow you to set limits for your data also.
As mentioned above, you can set your preference on the Koodo self serve site for your data usage warning. Additionally there are several apps that will monitor your data usage for you as well. I use Data Monitor on the iPhone and it works pretty well. Its numbers are very much in sync with what Koodo reports.