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Data roaming charges

  • 16 November 2020
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I recently discovered that me and my wife have been charged data roaming over several months dating back to February 2020.

The only reason we were charged these fees is because we live on Vancouver Island and in certain areas, it switches to US providers. We have never left Canada during this time. 

We are set up for automatic payment and only just discovered these charges. We have since changed the data roaming settings on our phone. 

I called Koodo and spoke to an agent who explained they can ‘t do anything about the charges because of the amount of time that has lapsed since  they were billed. I don’t understand this reason?

It seems really unfair given that they were incorrect charges. I’m now $68 out of pocket for roaming I technically shouldn’t have paid for! 

I was wanting to escalate this issue to get a refund?



2 replies

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Koodo normally dealt with bill dispute within 90 days of the invoice date. Feb 2020 problem seems too far.

As you already talked with rep over the phone, you could try to chat with rep via facebook messaging https://www.facebook.com/Koodo and see if he/she can help. There is little the forum could do.

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I think the next step is to self-escalate by forwarding a complaint to the CCTS. You’ve done your part by contacting the provider in an effort to resolve this situation directly. This is a key point prior to submitting a complaint with the CCTS.

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