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Data price

  • 16 April 2014
  • 4 replies

I've seen that my payment bill varies every month, I choose to pay $50/ month. I'd like to know why. if its because the use of data, the person who sold me the phone said that once the data time run off thats it there is no more, so I'd like to know if this is the reason why I'm getting increase on my bill? if so, I'd like to cut my consumption of data once the time I have runs off.

4 replies

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Hi Ze Maing Ruiz, With Koodo, there is no such thing as a data limit, so it seems the person who sold you the phone (plus plan, I assume?) was mistaken that it would switch off once you reach your limit. If you want a data limit, you'd need an app for that. What phone do you have? Perhaps people here have suggestions for you 🙂
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Koodo does inform their customers when they are close to reaching their limit. Please do not ignore those texts. Maybe I am misunderstanding the first sentence but what you choose to pay is not neccessarily what the bill is going to be.
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Koodo does inform their customers when they are close to reaching their limit. Please do not igno...I get a text message from Koodo when I surpass 75 and 95 percent of data. Plus, I have a data tracking application and I can control what applications can use data or not. You should look into what kind of apps are available with your device and your settings as well.
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Hi there Ze... If you have access to your Self Service account, I will suggest you to open you bill and check the reason why your bill is different... If you plan has no data and you have a smartphone, most likely could be data, since the apps installed on your cell phone will use the internet to update themselves; you could disable the data if you go to Settings / Data Usage / Mobile Data (on most phones). If your plan has data, once you reach the limit, you will be charged additionally, so check the Self Service account and download the Koodo app to track your usage.