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Data Overage Charges Cap

I have a plan with 1GB of data and an extra $5/250MB after that. I will be away from home for a few weeks in a location with no internet. I plan on using my phone to do all my web browsing, and for entertainment like Netflix. The CRTC implemented a cap of $50 a month on data overages per billing cycle. Can I use my cell phone as a temporary replacement for my internet connection and is the maximum that Koodo can charge for that $50? Assuming I use 3.5GB of data (1GB from plan and 2.5GB extra for $50 of overages): Will my next bill simply be an extra $50 dollars or is there some way around the CRTC rules which allows phone companies to charge more? Will I be able to exceed 3.5GB of data in a month on my phone or can Koodo cut my internet connection off at some point? Does Koodo throttle cell phone internet connections if I use more than X amount of data?

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Koodo doesnt throttle. They will cut your internet if you get to threshold. The CRTC didn't say there is a free ride for internet past the $50 max. As I mentioned, your internet will be cut, but you can re-initiate it as long as you also accept the ongoing charges.
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Once you get to the threshold, you will be asked by Koodo if you want to continue using your data. If you say yes, then can keep charging you with no maximum amount.
Thanks for the replies, this is exactly what I was asking. There are plans in the US which provide unlimited data, but they throttle after X amount. Glad to know this information before I get cutoff.