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Data/Minute Flex Plans

  • 20 October 2014
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My wife and I both have 1 gb of data each month for our iPhones. It's more than enough for me because my work and home have wifi, however, my wife commutes many hours and uses data to kill the travel time on the train. We also have a great deal of unused minutes each month because we don't use minutes to call each other as both phones are on the same account. She always reaches her maximum before the next billing cycle while I barely use my data. I'd like to the see one or both of the following: 1) I'm not sure if this exists already, if it doesn't, I'd like to be able to transfer unused data to her account so she can use extra data. This could be done via the self-serve website or even the koodo app. AND/OR 2) Convert unused minutes into data for the next billing month. The time never gets used and I cannot alter it as it is part of our existing plan. You could say, well, get a bigger plan, but we need to stick to a budget and I don't think paying more for something while much of the plan gets unused is the solution. sure, I'll get more data, but I'll also get more unused minutes.

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