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data charges

  • 6 October 2020
  • 4 replies

I have been overcharged 900mb data on my account for sept 28. The amount is EXACTLY 900 mb which is suspicious. Samsung a8 phone.

4 replies

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It looks ‘roundish’ but maybe it is reported in data blocks (rounded to 50mb/100mb). Did you exceed your data allocation? Does it match the data usage detailed in your self serve account?

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Login to your self serve.

What does it say on your detailed pdf ebill?  Does it match what is in your Usage in your self serve?  Can you post a screenshot of the usage notification settings for shock free data?

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Also check any application that might have used that amount of data on the phone. Is there one in particular that has used more data then usual?

Thank you people. I did go over allocation. I might have it figured. My wife watched/listened to a video on chrome the day that we got dinged. Probably it. The one in particular that used all that data according to usage stats on the phone was chrome. I am also going to check that apps dont self update themselves whenever.

Thanks again and I am going to coast on this for a bit and recheck things.