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Data Available not correct in my usage tracking

  • 11 September 2015
  • 4 replies

My plan states that I should have 1.25 GB of data, yet in my usage tracking it says i have only 1024MB total available for the month and that i'm over my limit when I"m actually under the 1250MB I should be entitled. How do I ensure this is corrected before I'm charged overages?

4 replies

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Do you have a screen shot of your plan that says you have 1.25GB on your plan?

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[img]https://uploads-us-west-2.insided.com/koodo-en/attachment/RackMultipart20150911-30719-oky289...Damn. I don't even remember Koodo having a 1.25GB plan. Ok if your usage tracker is displaying incorrectly you will need to contact Koodo (*611, it's a free call on your Koodo phone). Even though your usage tracker is displaying incorrectly, your billing may still be right, but it doesn't hurt to call in and check.