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  • 3 May 2019
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Yesterday I was notified that Ihad used all of my data for this billing period and was asked if I wanted to add data to get me to the May 17th cut off. I agreed and chose the 12YES option. I then received an email that said thanks for increasing your data and that my bill would reflect thechange from now on.
I only want the extra for this month to get me through and want to go back to my $40 package after this month and o never usually go over .
Please let me know that will be taken care of as requested.
Thank you.

3 replies

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What, EXACTLY, did the initial message say?
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@KCars Sounds like you purchased a top up. You received an SMS back to confirm it. Did you receive that? Can you pls screenshot the email (minus personal info) and post it here?
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If you used 12YES, then the top up should only be a 1 time thing for this billing period