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  • 7 April 2017
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I bought an unlimited US minutes and texting plan, but notice my data is climbing dramatically. I'm not sure why this is happening and if I will be charged. I'm not downloading anything

4 replies

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Regardless of whether you buy a post-paid roaming plan or not, the phone will automatically connect in the US for voice, text and data, unless you manually turn these off or remove the SIM.

Buying an add-on only shifts your cost from pay-per-use to whatever is provided for in your bundle. Like Paul says, disable the data. There's no point in getting app update$ or $yncing file$ over the air when all that could be done for free when you're in range of wifi.
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Data has nothing to do with your calling and textingIt does for picture messages however when texting...so if you are trying to text photos you will need data on but then should log into your self serve account and add the 2 dollar per month data block that blocks all data but that used to send and receive picture, video and audio messages.
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Data has nothing to do with your calling and texting
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Hi Bev, Yes you will definitely be charged for data usage, you should turn data off on your device in the phones settings menu. I'm guessing you have an Android device which you can find the data on off toggle in settings under data usage, just uncheck it to turn it off