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Credit reporting

  • 25 June 2020
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I called a couple of months back to make this same complaint and there was no resolution. I usually make extra payments and would have a credit applied to the following month but I noticed on my credit report it would say my bill was not paid . This has also repeated itself in June. I can't seem to understanding this , can someone help me out here. 

4 replies

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Hello Jayne,


Sorry for this situation. I suggest you to verify on Self serve your bills and the payments you made, just to make sure that for each payment we had the right account number and we are not dealing with a missing payment. 


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Its the same account number I have had for years and the same way I have been paying my bills. My monthly statements acknowledge receipt of all payments and shows the right amount received and the date received and my self serve account shows no bills due/owing .

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I must tell you that we did begin to report to the Credit bureaus back in  2011 and it appears the information we have provided to the credit bureau is an accurate reflection of your payment history with us.

Please ensure that your payments post to the account in full and on time every 30 days. Doing so will have a positive impact on your bureau report.

You may also choose to place your account on pre-authorized payments to avoid any late payments in the future. This is a great way to build or re-establish your credit.


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I found this out with my first credit card way back in the 70’s at Eatons :-)  :  if your monthly payment is $50, you have to make that monthly payment.  I thought that if I paid $200 dollars, that would cover me for 4 months of payments, that they would use my credit balance as my monthly payment.  For whatever reason, it just doesn’t work that way.  Yes, your credit balance will go down, the amount owed will go down, but it will show as “bill not paid” for each month that you don’t actually make a payment that month.