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Credit Left after Cancelling. Will they pay me back??

I cancelled my account but have more than $80 credit left. I ported my number on Dec. 19th, the bill was sent Dec. 17 for Dec18-Jan17 billing period so obviously I've paid it. Now the January 17 bill came and they have adjusted my last bill and credited me. So now I have more than $80 overpayment. Will koodo send me a cheque for this credit left?

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Unfortunately, any positive tab balances or credits will not be given back upon canceling. Sorry.
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Hi Joy, If this credit is on your Tab, then Justin is right, it won't be given back to you. However, if the credit is on your account balance, then they should send you a cheque for it. Call customer service at 1-866-995-6636, and double check with them to be sure.