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Credit Card Payment Address

Seriously. Allow me to use a credit card with a different address from the one I gave you. I had this credit card BEFORE I moved and decided to associate my cellphone service with you... And your company wants to penalize me on that?! That's ridiculous. It's absurd. Furthermore, your call center has no way to remedy it, which isn't surprising but is just further aggrivating. I want to pay my fucking phone bill but you make it beyond difficult to do so. CHANGE THIS POLICY, I am seriously considering another phone company because of this issue.

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Well please understand its just a saftey feature, I could steal credit cards and pay everyone's bill. Did you try to register that card through customer service?
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That's right Jaki, the reason why the credit card cannot be used is that the addresses do not match. This has personally happened to me before, and the best way that I solved the situation was to call the Credit Card company directly and have them change my address to my current one. Please give that a try Alex.
I am having the same issue and there is still no resolution? My address I used for the phone setup doesn't match the CC *exactly* since the Post office had me change my address 2 times in a year. Now some has "County Road 13", some have the road name. Some have the RR#1 (rural route) some RR1, some even Rr1 so all slightly different but really the same. Koodo is the worst now that even when I get them close they still won't accept it and I can talk to a human in Customer service to explain it properly. Just keep trying to find a match so I can pay the bill!
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J T wrote:

I am having the same issue and there is still no resolution? My address I used for the phone setu...

Paying your bill should be super easy, no arguments here! We definitely want to accept your payment but if the address on the card doesn't match the one for you on file then the credit card company won't release the payment. I recommend logging into your Self Serve account at www.koodomobile.com/selfserve and take note of the address that we have for you on file. Ensure that it matches with the one that the Post Office has, even the tiniest difference can prevent the payment from going through. In the mean time you can pay your bill several different ways, for the full list please visit our website: http://koo.do/Joixyw.
nothing worked with this company. i m living at the same place since i bought koodo mobile. i paid my first bill with my credit card online. but for second bill when i tried it said address changed. when i checked on self serve my address was changed and i don't know how the koodo changed my address. and now for the last two months i m trying to pay my bill and to change my adress. this company is weired. i just hate it. i tried to change my address on self serve, and send an email but all in wane. now i will wait for their answer here. let us see.