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Credit card for activation?

Staff at kiosks tell me I need a credit card whether I'm activating online or in a store. Can somebody in the know clear this up for me? I have visa debit, which is how I pay for everything. I have no debt and don't want any. The last answer I could find was 'no', but that was 3 years old, and policies change. 

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From the Support site:

[i]Do you perform a credit check?[i]Yes, a credit check is required for all new customers. Tab eligibility and activation are subject to credit approval. To complete a credit check at a Koodo Shop or Retailer, you’ll need to provide your name, date of birth, ONE of the following for credit check assessment:
  • [i]Canadian Driver’s License OR
  • [i]Canadian SIN card or Letter OR
  • [i]Canadian Credit Card,  
[i]Plus any ONE of the following acceptable photo identification:
  • [i]Valid Canadian Driver’s License (a driver’s license can’t be used for both photo ID and a credit check assessment)
  • [i]Valid Passport (Canadian or Foreign)
  • [i]Work Visa
  • [i]Department of Defense ID
  • [i]Permanent Resident Card
  • [i]Native Indian Status Card
  • [i]CNIB Card
  • [i]Valid Provincial/Territorial Photo ID(government issued)
  • [i]Possession and Acquisition License (PAL)  
[i]Remember: A Canadian credit card is needed If you're buying online, as well as SIN or Canadian Driver’s License.

So, you do not need a credit card to activate a phone in store. Depending on the situation, you may have insufficient credit information on file to satisfy a credit check, but that is another situation entirely!

You also may have to make payment by bank transfer, or automated payment, if your Visa Debit card does not work for monthly payments. 

Thank you very much. I think there's some confusion at kiosks about this. I've been told the wrong answer by two different ones. Your response is clear and easily understood - by me, anyway.  I don't mind a credit check at all, I just don't have a credit card and don't need one.
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You might want to print out the link & its content, and have the appropriate documentation in hand when you next go to a kiosk. Also remember that non-Koodo retailers may look for some different info, so a Koodo corporate store should be the simplest option.

BTW, my experience is the responsible use of a credit card is an easy way to build a credit history, and has many other uses. Irresponsible use, as I am sure you are aware, can be a world of hurt!
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@Raja would you mind sharing the locations of the specific Koodo kiosk where you received the incorrect info? I'd like to follow up with them and understand what is behind what they are saying . It's not in their interest to not help you since they will lose an opportunity to earn commission so I have to believe it's an innocent mistake from someone relatively new. Thanks for sharing your experience!
Sure thing. Both locations are at Millwoods Town Centre mall in Edmonton. One is a dedicated Koodo kiosk, and the other is one that handles Koodo as well as other providers. Staff at both were friendly but obviously misinformed.
Just thought you'd like to know that I switched to Koodo today, but not at the Koodo booth because the staff there was convinced I needed a SIN card or copy of one.  So I went to the Wow Mobile kiosk where they had a very clear printout of exactly what David replied with here.  I was up and running in no time.  Thanks for your help!