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Contrct Cancelation Question

Hello. Have an active account with Koodo with 5 phones on it. I own my phones. I transferred 3 phones to my works corporate account (The most I was allowed). 2 phones transferred, and received an email, sorry to see you go etc.. and a last billing date of June 1. 1 Phone had some issues being ported and didn't get done until June 2, and also received the confirmation email, but stating final billing date of July 1. So my question is this. Does Koodo pro-rate their billing and charge upto the day you termnate/switch? Or for the entire month? Many thanks for any assistance Thanks

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According to this http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/pro_rated_or_full_charges_on_cancellation You will be billed up to the end of your billing cycle.
It's very useful for me.
I'll have to have a chat with them tmrw and be sure. If they wanna bill me, then I may be looking at moving the last 2 phones as well. Hoping that there's a grace period. I mean seriously 1.5 days.. 🙂
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Paul Visser wrote:

I'll have to have a chat with them tmrw and be sure. If they wanna bill me, then I may be lookin...

I think all phone companies do that. And sometime you are better off with pro-ration. It really depend on your usage. Remember that not only the dollar amount get prorated but the amount of minutes, data etc included in your plan. Say for example you are on a 500 minute plan per month. You decide to cancel in the middle of the month but you already used up all 500 minutes. If they cancel right then and there you only get 250 minutes (half the month worth) and the other 250 minutes would count as extra at a higher rate. You would pay significantly more this way then if you just kept the cancellation for your billing cycle.