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Consumer Protection Program nationwide first!

  • 10 August 2012
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Consumer protection - what an amazing idea? Offer in self serve options to block roaming, be notified by text, something like spending limit program but without reconnection fee as it was consumer's choice to opt-in, data blocks, notification of 80% of daytime used or many things along these lines! It's only a matter of time before various levels of government force this upon the telecom like Quebec has begun the trend or Federally nationwide so why doesn't koodo show customers they matter and make these options available sooner? Be the first and you will win with competitive advantage - Telus and Koodo! Most of us religiously keep an update on our consumption of limited services and I realize overage is the telecom cash cow but offering customers protection coast to coast from erroneous or mistaken use would make Koodo a leader in the pack as others continue to alienate customer base with 4 anf 5 digit before the decimal bills. Heck 3 digits irks the average Canadian I'm sure! You'll save oodles on customer service calls. For instance a majority of us Canadians approach USA border almost daily from Canadian side if not monthly even and it's not right that we can't block roaming as the roaming signal is sometimes picked up kilometers from border and we have no choice but to turn off phone to avoid the surprise of call answered on roaming or texts. Android at least allows options to block data roaming. A bill limit program for all that notifies $$$ reached over 100 or 200 or customer preference but maybe doesn't shut service off or does til 611 reached? Please koodo allow customers to opt in for consumer protection at their discretion. We would greatly appreciate you ahead of the curve on this idea as Koodo often is minus the handset options. 🙂

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6 replies

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So you want Koodo to create a program that lets us know that we are going to pay Koodo way more than we were planning to? Why the heck with Koodo do that? Koodo wants money and is going to do whatever it wants to get it. That's why they switched to per-minute billing when they originally had per-second. More info here: http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/bring_back_per_second_billing
So you want Koodo to create a program that lets us know that we are going to pay Koodo way more t...they've made a start - go to self serve you'll now see notifications on/off regarding your data. Maybe they are realizing being fair/honest saves a lot of money and hassle at the call center and brings in customers vs driving them away with your sim card as a licence to bill you til your head swells and blows at first sight of the bill.
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If I get a four or five figure bill from KM, I can guarantee KM and I will both be appearing on a court docket. For starters, who's going to regulate this grand scheme of things? Certainly not your unfriendly neighbourhood wireless mobile provider. The government? Don’t hold your breath; they’re quite content leaving well enough alone. It’s a cash grab and a free-for-all with, as I have said numerous times in the past, zero regulation, zero accountability and zero competition. It only stands to reason why the Canadian mobile wireless industry is in this sad state of disrepair. Unfortunately the onus is on us (no pun intended) to become cautious, informed consumers. Not only does Android have the roaming block feature but an audible alert as well – ICS 4.03. Know your device inside and out. Take full advantage of free calling and avoid using costly data by downloading apps through Wi-Fi whenever possible. Sooner or later the clowns that run these multi-billion dollar corporations will get the message. This is communication we’re talking about here, yeah there is a little bit of technology involved bouncing high frequency radio signals to our handsets. That technology has been around since the mid eighties and early nineties, sure it’s a little faster now, but keep in mind, the big three have been raking in the dough back when I had a Cantel AT&T “portable” bagphone, when rates were a dollar a minute! What we’re really paying for is convenience and the price of convenience seems to have no limit these days. I’d be willing to wager the big three have made their money more than fifty times over. Take a good look at how much a chunk of the advanced wireless spectrum cost TELUS back in 2008 – something in the area of $248 million dollars. Mind numbing to say the least and we’re probably still paying off that amount today. Coincidentally, Koodo was started up at or around that time... There is no justifiable reason why rates are where they are today, the technology is here and has been in place for some time now. The big three claim they cover this country from coast to coast, so there’s no need to erect new towers anytime soon. Wireless providers are just going to have to get back to basics and give the customer what they really want. Start with low affordable monthly rates, per-second billing and knowledgeable representatives that stand behind their products and provide courteous assistance. We don’t care about awards or silly animated commercials, if you’re doing a good job; word of mouth is far cheaper than advertising.
If I get a four or five figure bill from KM, I can guarantee KM and I will both be appearing on a...Your last paragraph - couldn't agree more! Scrap the commercials focus on service and word of mouth does the rest. Plus the commercials literally never advertise anything in terms of knowledge or price the ads are just silliness and expensive craziness at best! I guess that displays the corporate wealth. Competitive Rates plus great service is what we want plain and simple. Monopoly as you are the customer still appreciates customer service as such a high priority on anbody's list. When a company looks after me I spread the word and when they upset you the word is spread too. Amazing service equates to free advertising. Given the simplicity of koodo its super annoying when the reps aren't educated enough or act like they've never even had a cell! The call center is in Canada? Maybe my last experience just left me bitter fighting tooth and nail to educate the Rep.
If I get a four or five figure bill from KM, I can guarantee KM and I will both be appearing on a...And I couldn't agree more with the guy who couldn't agree more. Koodo has morphed into a regular cash-grabbing big telco. It's time to open up Canada to real competition, not a monopoly by a cabal of phone companies.
If I get a four or five figure bill from KM, I can guarantee KM and I will both be appearing on a...Yep I think you're totally right about the cash grabbing - they changed to pay more you're getting call id/vm whether you like it or not (netted them tens of thousands of dollars more a month) to per minute billing - netting additional 25-35% more minutes used by customers yet the buckets didn't increase to more, last we saw data saver disappear so it's pay more or pay big overage but no more data saver for you to use at your will - this is hurting koodo no doubt vs competition, and by my experiences customer service went out the door along with customer service training all in the same moves. So yeah it's gotten bad like you said and the more they make it this way the more and more urban customers (which should be a target market) they lose each and every day to AWS unlimited carriers who have chosen to not argue with customers just make one simple bill with roaming charges loud and clear. Koodo is still fairly decent in terms of the easy to read plans and no long distance on most plans but it's definitely not telus doing the customer service. It's further more becoming more and more difficult for these companies to maintain customers so you'd think they'd be going back to koodo basics instead of telling you if you live in a wind zone, then join wind! - literal response to friends who have left for wind! Obviously big telecom just don't care and the more people who switch to wind, the more who NEVER switch back as wind's USA roaming (20-25c/min) is affordable and most Canadians do live close to the border! Why in the heck is telus/koodo $1.45/min usa roaming? I think telus owns public mobile but still driving customers onto wind with more zone coverage than public mobile isn't driving them onto to public mobile. You're simply alienating customers and it is costing you even if short term profits are up! Long term, management is managing their own way out of a job, a very well paying job at that amongst the many small folks to go first! Rogers is emptying offices due to these tactics having killed themselves - you're next if you keep it up! If it comes down to it I'll go back to no cell like I did for five years post fido takeover and having my country plan taken out from under me! It's not so bad going radiation free off the cell networks as mobile voip and wifi everywhere allow for free calling/data/text better than ever and truth be told we could all do without a phone more but until Koodo pulls the final straw on more customers koodo it is. Can't say I'll miss the monthly bill at all if it comes to that yet again.