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Confusing monthly bill

I am currently paying $10 a month to hold my koodo account open, however on my bill it says the payment due is -$14.62. I am unsure if I need to pay anything to keep my account open as a negative figure suggests to me that I am owed money?

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When there is a - symbol before the amount, it is a credit on the account. Are you looking at the actual bill balance or the Tab balance?
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If the payment due is negative then you have a credit owed to you. Did you perhaps switch from a fairly expensive plan to the seasonal hold early in your billing cycle? In that case you would be refunded the portion of the expensive plan you will not be using.
I was paying $35 a month for 9 months and now I have briefly left Canada so I decided to put it on a seasonal hold until I return in November. If I continue paying the $10 a month am I correct in assuming the outstanding credit will be deducted from my first proper bill again?
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It will keep being deducted each month until the credit is gone.