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confused billing

hi I have recently receive my first koodo phone. I received my bill in December which was due on January 2nd 2014. I paid it online through my scotia account on the 27th December. few days ago I received a tex saying my balance is $105.89. im confused because im on the $45 mthly plan. Does any one know the reason for this??????

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Hi there... Probably Koodo received your payment after your bill was produced and is showing the Current amount due and your previous bill... You paid at the end of the year, banks were closed, transactions were delayed, could be one reason... To make sure you have the right answer, log into your Self Service account and check the details, you will probably understand better what happened...
I'm with Camilo here on this one. The 27th of December being a friday, the payment wouldn't have been processed right away. Online payments aren't immediate, and can take a few days to get through to the payee (Koodo). Couple that with the Christmas/New Years Holidays, and you have one heck of a delay. As Camilo suggested, check your Self Service account at koodomobile.ca to confirm the payment went through (as it will have) so you can see your current balance.