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Confused about billing and self serve refuses to show me a bill

I just received a text message that my e-bill is ready for what seems like a much larger fee than I signed up for. When I tried to login to self serve, I just get a system update message.

On that page it also says "You can still log into Self Serve to access your account.", but this is a lie as that link just loads a page with the same message.

I won't ask why an update like that is being done in the middle of a business day, nor why I would get a text message saying my e-bill is ready when it isn't accessible. Though it should probably be pointed out to some sort of customer relations person in the company.

Is there any other way to receive my e-bill so I can understand the price I received int he text message? If not, do you have an estimate for how long I will be locked out?


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Exactly the same here.
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Hey guys - self serve is indeed down at the moment due to an unexpected server update that was required this morning. Everything should be up and running again later this afternoon, so you can log in to review your bill details at that time.

@Jenifer - does your phone number end in 86? If so, I'm seeing that you joined a few days after your billing cycle began, so your first bill actually accounts for partial months charges from your start date to the beginning of your first bill cycle, plus one month in advance from when your cycle began, i.e. Dec 9 - Jan. 7 = partial charges (not a full month) + Jan. 8 - Feb. 7 (first full month). Hope that helps for now, but let us know if anything is still unclear or if you have other questions. 
Thank you Ranjan for the information.

That was mainly what I wanted to confirm on bill, that the bill only started on the 9th of December and that it included the full month of January.

I appreciate the speedy response. I'd also like to suggest that the system update page not also say the bit I quoted that a user can still login to self serve in the future.

Take care!
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Jenifer Champagne wrote:

Thank you Ranjan for the information.

That was mainly what I wanted to confirm on bill, that the...

Glad that helped. And I agree - silly on our part for it to read this way. It's been flagged to the team to adjust.