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Combining two people's accounts

  • 8 September 2019
  • 3 replies

I don't see where I can have question searches sorted by most recent through questions and don't have time to search through 500 questions of which 90% are irrelevant to the topic. The first answer I found was from 5 years ago, which has probably changed since then. Anyway, what I want to know is can my husband and I combine our two separate accounts into one, so we only get one bill? If so, how do we do this and is there a cost. Also is there any benefit to having one account, other than one less bill?

3 replies

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Yes you still can. You'd have to call or go to a kiosk. As for cost I am not sure.

The only other benefit is unlimited Canadian calling between the lines on the same account. This is only beneficial if one of you don't have unlimited calling to begin with.
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You have to do a transfer of ownership so only 1 person owns both lines

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And a transfer of ownership would cost $10.