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Collect Calling & Canada Wide.

  • 24 July 2012
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I'm in new brunswick, and i have the canada wide calling plan. If my friend is in nova scotia and calls me 'collect' will i still recieve a bill, or will the canada wide plan cover it since its from nova scotia? Thanks!

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4 replies

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hey Dylan koodo doesnt support "collect calls" so chances are you may not even be able to get the call in our phone she may get an error message
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Hi Dylan, Miranda is right about Collect Calls. However, long distance calls are covered with all our “Canada-wide” plans on both incoming and outgoing calls, anytime, anywhere in Canada 🙂
Does that include calls from/going to a land line phone?
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Does that include calls from/going to a land line phone?Yup, but keep in mind that Canada-wide doesn't mean unlimited calling. Our Canada wide plans include unlimited Canadian long distance calling while in Canada but if you go over your anytime minutes you'll be charged extra.