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Charges accompanying cancelling/ porting to another carrier

I am changing my phone plan to another carrier and I was wondering: will Koodo charge me for an extra 30 days if I do not give advance notice (as I know that other cellphone companies have this policy)? Before anyone asks, I am switching after a Koodo representative basically told me to switch to another carrier after I raised the issue of better prices from other carriers.

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No need to give notice just go to the new carrier and tell them you want to port your # from Koodo to their service. When you do that your Koodo account will automatically close and you'll receive your final bill in the mail which will have any tab amount not paid + your service bill up till the day the port is done. Remember to bring an old bill or your account # to the new carrier when you go to do the port they may need that info.
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Better prices, sure, but not better subsidies, coverage, or service... if you're willing to sacrifice those, then feel free to leave. Paul's gotcha covered above.
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If you are switching to wind or mobilicity you may get a lower rate but expect semi-usable service. That is likely why koodo doesn't want to match their prices.