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Charged for texts on an unlimited plan

Why was i charged $28 for sent text messages on an unlimited text plan? I didn't send any text messages from outside canada, so what other reasons could there be?

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If they were premium text messages you could be charged for them as they're not included in the unlimited text package. Since we can't see everything specific to your case I'd recommend giving customer service a call and they'll be able to see and explain exactly what's going on.
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Did they show up as roaming texts? or just for text messages? If they are showing as roaming text messages, then did you go near the border at all? If you are within about 30 minutes of the US border there is the chance that you will connect to a US tower as US towers are more powerful than Canadian towers. We call this accidental roaming (in Canada but picking up US towers). The best thing to do in this case is to talk to somebody from customer service so that can go over the bill with you, and possibly make an adjustment for these text messages.
Ok thanks for the replies - i'll contact customer service
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Okay, I'm curious. What is a premium text?
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Brian Paul wrote:

Okay, I'm curious. What is a premium text?

Premium text messages are messages sent and received with "premium" shortcodes. The like of those text joke lines that you sometimes see on cheezy commercials that usally end with some rapid-fire explanation of charges. Why anyone would want monkey jokes sent to their phone on a regular basis is beyond me. But whatever toots you horn, as they say.