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Charged for roaming call when I paid for a roaming combo plan that has unlimited calling?

Hello! I paid for the 10 day, U.S. roaming, data, anytime minutes and text combo for my trip to San Francisco. My bill has arrived and in addition to the cost of that combo, I was also charged for roaming fees for a call I made during my trip in San Francisco as if I didn't buy the combo plan at all? Why is that? Hope someone can help? Thank you in advance!

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Sounds like a billing error We don't have access to your account here so you'll need to call in and discuss this with a rep
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Yea I believe these kind of error gets fixed with relatively little hassle
Thanks for letting me know! Will they charge me for customer service if I bring the bill to a local Koodo Kiosk?
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No, if you bring to a Koodo Kiosk it will be free, even for *611 there is no service charge to fix a bill error!