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Charged for internationalCalls using a callig card for the corner store?

  • 16 September 2019
  • 4 replies

Hi, I got charged for making a Call to Australia using a calling card from the corner store is it normal? Couldn’t find the proper info on the website...

thanks in advance

4 replies

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Yes it's still chargable unfortunately
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Does your plan have unlimited minutes? You wouldn't then if it's a Canadian number you're calling through. If you called during your daytime minutes then it'll still take up minutes until you max out and get charged. I'd try calling during unlimited evenings and weekends or use VoIP apps such as Skype or fongo to call.
Yes I have unlimited minutes..
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Check the calling card conditions carefully. Some have limitations on the type of calls they can receive or connect with.

Were you charged long distance by Koodo or regular minutes. A screen shot of the bill or usage summary might be instructive.