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Charged for incoming calls - how many minutes am I over by?

It was not made clear to me when purchasing that my plan would charge me for incoming calls before 5 pm. Therefore, I have been taking calls all month. Where do I find out exactly how many minutes I've used and therefore how much I will be charged (I know it's $0.45/min)? When I checked my self serve a couple weeks ago, it would only tell me I had used my 100 mins, but not by how much I'd gone over. I just joined in July so my next bill isn't until Sept 24. (Note of interest: my Self Serve now says I have 100 free minutes again!) Very confused about how much I'm going to be charged and would like some clarification. Thank you.

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You will need to contact customer service and have them look into your account since nobody in the Koodo community has access to your account details. Dial *611 from your Koodo phone to speak with a representative. Hope they can explain it a bit further.
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Your minutes is back to zero because a new billing period has started. This period between when the new billing period starts and when you get your bill, you will not be able to see how many minutes you have used without calling in to Koodo. I think you should have an august bill that you will receive shortly. Check your ebill on self serve to see if it is available