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Charge when not using a phone

Kodoo is cheating customer. I have not used my phone for a month and they are charging over $5 for data for $20 voice only plan. When I was using the phone it was always charging over $10 even I was them to turn off the data service. It is ridiculous.

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Dare I say this......... but I'm going to 🙂 Nonsense! Koodo does not cheat customers and if your phone is really off, you wouldn't pay extra for data. That said, let's troubleshoot what may have happened, Aayush. Was your phone on at all? What phone is it? How did you switch off data?
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Adding to what Sophia said, if you've been experiencing this for a while you should have contacted Koodo earlier. You can request a data block so it will be completely disabled but if you have a 3G HSPA phone then picture messaging won't work anymore.