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Changing Plans & An Unlimited Plan

Two suggestions: 1) If I want to change my plan, I'm told that it is better to wait until my current billing cycle has ended. This means I have to wait until the day before my new billing cycle begins, then log in to my self serve account and change my plan. But what if I'm unable do it that day for some reason (e.g. I'm travelling, or I have an emergency situation arise)? Is it not possible to allow me to set the changes I want to make in my self serve account and to set a date that they're to take effect? It doesn't seem like it would be difficult programmatically.... and 2) Can someone look into an 'everything plan', that is unlimited voice (Canada wide of course), unlimited data (same; and I mean really unlimited) and unlimited text? I'd really like to know how much something like this would cost. Thx

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1) That actually sounds like a pretty cool thing if they could get around to doing it - I know Fido does it. So, you have my support on this one, buddy. 2) I don't think this is going to happen for a while. Not at least until the big 3 start offering this regularly. e.g. the recent 6GB $60 plan only came to Koodo after it became a regular September special at the Big3. Koodo's business is to - for want of a better word - "undercut" the Big3 by offering cheaper comparable plans (And NO Contracts) with equal quality reception because it can cut costs by not offering all the hottest phones. Then , there are companies who can't offer the same quality of reception (Wind, Mobilicity), whose business it is to further "undercut" companies like Koodo with the promise of Unlimited Everything Plans. It would be super sick if Koodo could offer this (although currently the price at a reliable network company would hover around a $80/month mark), I don't see them doing it because they don't have a real need to undercut the Big3.... yet. And really, the Unlimited carriers are a bit of a farcry away in terms of network competition for Koodo to take notice yet. Although kudos to those guys for bringing the cellular pricing in this country to its knees, slowly but surely. Pardon my rant, but that's just my $0.02
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You can change plans anytime but if you change your plan during your billing cycle, your plan will be modified so it fits into your next billing date. So for example, some people change to the 150 minute plan but they only have 40 minutes to use. Why? Because it's been modified to fit into your next billing date. It is better to wait until your current billing cycle has ended because it's a bit more easier to understand and you won't go, 'Hey! Why do I only have this? What am I charged more? Why are my charged less?' and etc. The Unlimited Canada Wide Voice plan is $50/month. Unlimited text is $5/month. There is no unlimited data however. The heavyweight data add-on starts at $15/month for 500MB, then $20/month for 1GB then $30/month for 3GB, then the overage charges of $10/GB. However there is a promotion going on that 4GB of data will cost $30/month. But really think, how much data do you really need? How many minutes do you really need? Do you normally use them after 5pm and weekends? Or no? It's very rare that someone actually needs an UNLIMITED everything plan. I hope you do get the plan that fits your needs and your budget. (: