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Changing plans

I have 2 phones on my account, no tabs. I want to change both plans, but I know that I can only change my plan once in my billing cycle. So, do I have to change one now and wait the next billing cycle to change the plan of the second phone or I can do both now?? And when do I have to do it? The last day of the billing cycle, few days before or the first day of the next cycle? And what will happen if I change like 3 days before the end? Pay more on my actual bill or the plan will really begin the first day of the next cycle? Thanks!

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If you have 2 lines/plan under your account, you can change both plan at a same time.(You can  change your plan once in your billing cycle per line.)
It always better if you change your plan on the last day of your billing cycle or the first day of the billing cycle.
if you change your plan in middle of your cycle, then your plan price will be prorated and you will receive credit from your old plan plus get partial charge for new plan.
New plan effect right away.

If you have limited minutes on your plan like 100 min or 500min per month, it will be prorated too. And you could get minutes overage charge.
Say if you have 500 min and change your plan in 15 days in. And you have used 300 min > 50 min overage.