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Changing plans

Bonjour, My daughter has a Koodo phone + plan. Works fine. Recently, she moved away from home and is piling up the long distance changes! Can she change plans easily?

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Absolutely, Richard, you can change her plan at any given time in Self-service at no cost. Unless she has the 3 year iPhone plan.... than it might be a bit more complicated 🙂
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As long as you or her can log into Self Serve, it is very easy. If there are issues doing that, just give Koodo a call to help change the plan. It would be best if you were to call when you are by a computer. That way, the agent can guide you on how to change the plan in Self Serve. If you want the agent to change the plan, they may or may not be a fee of $10 to do so. Depends on who you speak with.
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You can change your plan, any time you like (once per billing cycle) for free. When you change the plan, make sure you look at what your current plan has as well as what you will get. There could be no difference in price, but the features may be different, once the plan is changed, you will not be able to get the old plan back if it is no longer available. 😛
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Remember that her next bill will be prorated if she change plans so it might look more expensive than usual.