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Changing plan and pre-existing charge

I answered a phone call from my friend in the USA yesterday. The conversation was about an hour long. I then realized I was going to get charged long distance which I'm okay with. I just changed my plan to include unlimited incoming calls. I was wondering since I did this will I still get charged for the call since it was a day before I upgraded it or will it cancel it out since the charge will occur on the same bill as the updated plan?

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Plan changes will take affect when you make them, but this will not cover past calls like you describe. When you change plans mid-bill period, you are charged for your previous plan up to the point you change, and that plan is in effect until then. Your new plan is also prorated to start on the day it is change, and it takes effect at that point.
Hello,I believe that you will still be charged for the long distance call if you added the feature of unlimited incoming calls after the fact. If you selected that the feature take effect right away then you will see a partial charge for that feature from the day it was added to the end of your billing cycle. Hope this helped!
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Actually you may be ok. If you were in your local calling area (or on a Canada wide plan) you have nothing to worry about (when it comes to long distance). There are only two times you are charged long distance. Firstly if you call somewhere outside of Canada, (or if you're not on a Canada wide plan and call a number outside your local calling area). The second way only applies if you are not on a Canada wide plan. If you are not on a CW plan and you receive a call outside your calling area you are charged long distance. Now the only thing you may have to worry about is if you went over your daytime minutes 😉