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changing main phone on account

I have 2 phones on my account, and I currently get my bill notifications sent to the first phone I got. I would like to know if I can change it to go to the other number.

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Yes you can. Just login to your account online and on the main page you will see "change bill type". Once you click on that you can change where the notifications are sent.
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Hello Sarah,

Rudy is right, you can choose how to receive your notifications directly from your Self-Serve, following these easy steps: 

-Log in 
-Go to Self-Serve-->Monthly Customers 
-Go to Billing 
-Go to Change Bill Type/Notifications 
-Scroll down to Go paperless- Billing Notification-->Text message notification 
-Choose the number you want the notification to be sent on (you can choose maximum 3 phone numbers to receive the notification)   
-If you would like to receive e-mail notifications too, check the little square on the left of e-mail notification then
-Confirm changes   

After this, you should receive the notification through the selected path.  

Thank you!