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Changed Plan: when do I get more minutes?

I just went over my 150 anytime minutes and changed to a plan with 300 minutes. Does the effect take place immediately or do I have to wait until the next billing period?

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Hi there Tyler... When you change the plan online it takes effect right away, but you do not have 300 minutes for the rest of the month, you will have just a portion until your billing cycle starts again... 300 min / 30 days = 10 Minutes per day... To have an idea of the minutes you will have for the rest of the billing cycle, just take the days you have left on your billing cycle times 10 minutes per day... Enjoy the services...
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If you changed you plan on your billing cycle start day, you will get 300 minutes, but if not you'll get only the equivalent of proration of days you begun using it, let say if you changed it 10 days before your billing start days you'll get 300/30=10x10=100 minutes
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Hi Tyler, Camilo and Mat are right! Furthermore, this proration on airtime also applies on the old plan. If you had used all the 150 minutes before the end of your billing cycle and changed your plan, you'll get additional airtime charges because of the proration. To avoid this, it's best to wait for the first day of your billing cycle before doing a change. Thanks. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.