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change bill plan from high to lower in mid of month

  • 23 October 2016
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My billing cycle is 10th (period - current month 11th to next month 10th). I got bill in advance  & pay XX amount on or before Nov 7, I want to change my plan to lower in this month itself. How will my reduced amount reflect in bill, bcoz bill is already generated for this month in advnce. Do i need to pay the exact amount in the bill and all adjustment will be made in next bill cycle?

4 replies

okay, Thank you all..

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The system won't make the distinction that the bill is reduced in this current cycle. The adjustment will be on your following bill Naveen. As Timo and Goran have suggested, it would be best to pay the full amount bye your due date. 
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It's safest to pay the current amount and you will be credited the difference on your next bill. Otherwise you need to calculate yourself t difference, pay it, and wait for you next bill. Not entire sure if the system would make the distinction that your bill is reduced and you didn't indeed pay your bill in full.
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