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If I change my plan in the middle of the month with the new plan of same amount I.e. I am currently paying 40 and my new plan price is also 40.. But will it change me any extra buck because I am changing it in the middle of the month..?? My all past bills are paid..

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No it shouldn't make any difference in your monthly bill, there is no charge for changing plans.
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You stated the price plan will stay the same. The beautiful thing about changing a rate plan that is the same in price is there 0 proration on your bill.
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There is never a charge for changing in the middle of the month. Your charges will be pro-rated for the partial use of your old plan in the current billing cycle and you be pro-rated for the new plan for the remainder of the billing cycle. Since your old and new plan are the same price, you won't see an effective difference.
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Keep in mind however that you can only change your plan through self serve for free once during a billing cycle. If you want to change it again you'll have to call in and have a rep change it. There is a ten dollar fee.
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Also keep in mind that your airtime minutes will be pro-rated. If you used up your allowed minutes in the middle of the month and switch the plan, you will get an overage charge.