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Certified Pre-Owned Disappointment

  • 13 October 2021
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I’m sorry Koodo, this is more a complaint than a question.  I had a home phone with you guys that never worked properly so I cancelled (I couldn’t dial anywhere that required an extension to be added)  and after many techs, many fixes, much back and forth, it couldn’t be fixed so I was stuck with a device that couldn’t be returned so $100+ lost.  I stuck with you guys for with my mobile service and upgraded in November 2020, purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned (warning folks, don’t do it).  That phone is now back in for repairs for a third time as it keeps completely shutting now (and the it isn’t just a few days of repair).  Telus has told me it doesn’t look like it will last long and the warranty runs out in 3 weeks so I am about to be the proud owner of year old junk phone (hopefully not but it looks that way) and to top it all off, while the Tab is paid on the phone, the Tab Bonus is not and I want to switch to Telus to get a corporate plan as the rates are better and I will shortly need a new phone.  I have spoken to reps about transferring the Bonus as I will stay loyal to the Telus family but that is not an option (I understand that one) and I have now found out it can’t be reduced or waived.  So I am again about to pay another $100 for a broken Koodo item (understanding that I can stay with Koodo on the more expensive plan and pay for another phone but I don’t trust you guys anymore I’m afraid).  Not cool.  I certainly won’t be referring Koodo to anyone anymore and I certainly had been!  

2 replies

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Sorry about your experience. Let me flag a rep and see if anything else can be done for you.

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Hi @Oreocat7 

Thanks for your feedback, we are sorry for the inconvenience! 

We have sent you a PM so we can discuss this further, feel free to check it out when you get the chance. Thanks!