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Cellphone time error...

Hi, I was just wondering the time right now at my location is 9:05 a.m... my phone says 8:05 a.m. It has been like this for a while, it was supposed to change automatically but did not. Is there a way to change this? As well i wondered if this effected my billing... being as i have unlimited calling after 5pm... if I was to call at 5pm my phone would say 4pm, i didn't know if it was setup from the time on the phone or literally the actual time of day. thanks for help

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Are you close to a time zone boundary? If so, your phone might be picking up signal from a tower on the other side. What phone do you have? Do you have it set to determine the time zone automatically? Sometimes it does this incorrectly and you have to set it manually.
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Is it a Samsung? For some reason Samsung's have a glitch with the time getting mixed up. It's usually easy to fix by going into settings > date & time > turn off automatic date & time and the automatic timezone for ten seconds and then turn them back on. If that doesn't fix it, turn them off again and set the time yourself.
I have a blackberry... but thanks alot for both your help, problem is fixed up