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CellAtSea? We're going on a cruise from Miami, through the Bahamas and back to Miami. The cruise line offers CellAtSea service on-board, but I'm not certain if I need just my US package for this, or if I require the International package. It says if you are dialing the US or Canada, you dial as normal (no country code), so I'm thinking US only is required (provided I don't get service while in port in the Bahamas). Anybody know? Any other charges I might incur? Thanks in advance.

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First, there is no international roaming add-on. Second, it doesn't matter because none of those add-ons will help. Koodo does not offer travelling packages for cruises which is completely different than travelling to the continental US and getting the roaming package there. It's a satellite service (CellAtSea) and as such you will be charge a pay-per-use rate of $7/min, $15/MB and $0.60 to send and receive text messages (a charge for each) if you use your phone. If you use your phone, even for ten minutes and using data, I guarantee a bill in the THOUSANDS. I HIGHLY recommend turning off your phone and enjoying your cruise.
Yikes. Not really what the cruise line tells you. They say the only charges are from your cell provider, so they recommend getting a package from them, and they say it is just like being in the US for usage. Exactly why I asked the question. I had no plans to use data, but thought I'd make a couple short calls while on board, but not for $7/minute!! Thanks for the reply.
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David Kilborn wrote:

Yikes. Not really what the cruise line tells you. They say the only charges are from your cell ...

Hi David, Koodo uses AT&T as a roaming partner. Therefore, if you are out of their reach, you will be charge for satellite roaming (which is the most expensive roaming). You can possibly access the cruise CellAtSea if you unlock your phone and get a US sim card.
Thanks, Erwin. For a 5 day cruise, I'm thinking its just not worth it. I won't be in the US for very long before we board, so I don't think I will have time to get a sim card before boarding. Thanks for the response, though. I might utilize that in the future.
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Best thing to do with your cell phone is either leave it at home or put it into airplane/flight mode - basically turning off data, phone, and text usage but allowing you to use it as a camera The satellite charge of $7/min is while you are actually at sea, if you are at port then it is like you are calling from that country I also looked into the CellAt Sea - found that it only kicks in when you are in international waters which ranges between 3 and 7 miles offshore - either way, it is still really expensive to use your phone on a cruise. If you need to be contacted in an emergency, let people know which cruise line you are using and if you know the name of the ship then pass that information on as well - then they can call the cruise line to get in touch with you...otherwise, sit back and enjoy the cruise