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Cannot register my credit card

I just signed up Koodo Prepaid and need to register my credit card but it keeps giving me errors - unable to verify information. I tried mastercard, visa and AE. none of them worked. Please help.

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I would call customer service on this since we can't access your account here. 1-866-995-6636
Thank you. I tried to register different credit cards as well as the visa debit card. None of them worked. Please note that none of this card has been registered with Koodo Prepaid account as this is my first prepaid account. This is very frustrating as I had tried at least 10 times. I called the customer service and they has the same issue and said they can register the credit card for me but it would take up to 10 days to process. I like to register my card so that I can start auto pay. Your help is appreciated.
btw, I do not think that customer service knows what going on as he said this is strange......