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Cannot access billing on self serve

I can only access the "my profile" part of my self-serve account. I don't know why, I followed the link that was supposed to validate my e-mail (and it says I've already validated my e-mail), but for some reason it won't let me access billing, plans, or tab. Any idea why? If I end up needing to talk to customer service, what would the charges be like?

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Call customer service *611 from your Koodo phone, and tell them you can't access to your self serve account.( It's a free call) They will fix it for you. Add : You set it up as an account manager instead of the account owner
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Hi Andrew, If you just recently joined, your bill is likely not up yet and you'll have to wait for a cycle before you see this. That being said, you should start seeing your usage in the coming days. If not, I'd recommend calling customer care (which should be a free call). Hope this helps!