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Cancelled service with koodo, have to pay off final tab amount, but account is suspended

  • 20 July 2019
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I cancelled my service with Koodo, but I still have amount owing on my tab. I'm trying to payoff the tab but my account is suspened, and as such I can't access the account. I even tried logging in with my email, and phone number but the site says that details don't match. Maybe somebody took over the phone number?

I need to pay the final tab urgently. How do I pay it?

4 replies

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After cancellation, they will send you the final bill, that bill should include the Tab amount. The bill should show up in your selfserve (Selfserve >> View my bill). The final bill isn't generated right away. Normally it would be on the next billing date.

You can either pay with your selfserve or use online banking or go to a Koodo kiosk to pay...
I can't access Self-Serve. My account on self-serve can't be accessed either with my phone-number or my email address. Even "reset password" option doesn't work.

As for paying the bill via online-banking, I don't have my account number with me. The account number is only reflected in self-serve, that I can't access at all.

I guess I need to go to actual koodo store.
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Did you just cancel right away after receiving the phone? Well, you would need you account number and the final bill to pay.

Make sure you pay on time or they will send the bill to collection service.
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When did you cancel your service?
Was your self serve working before?
How did you pay last bill?