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Cancelled my number 3 months ago and I still gettin bills

  • 14 October 2020
  • 3 replies

I cancelled my plan and number 3 months ago but I still getting full charge bills. I payed 2 already but I refuse to pay another one. I don't have access to my self service or number anymore and It's impossible get in touch with them using my new number, they never call me back.

3 replies

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Have you received a confirmation (text / email) of the cancellation?

Contact koodo via Facebook or chat, ask to speak to the billing department describe your situation and ask them to resolve the issue.

Koodo Chat  www.koodomobile.com/chat  Type         #helpss and ask for a callback OR

send a private message via Facebook/Koodo                             https://www.facebook.com/Koodo

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How did you cancel your account?  You need to talk to step to cancel your account.

If you are still receiving bill, then I assume you are not cancelled.  And you said you paid 2 bills after you cancelled?  You would receive your final bill after the cancellation. Was is full service charge or remaining of tab balance and/or overage charges? (You said you paid 2nd bills)

It sound like your account is not closed yet. Can you try to log into self serve and check what are the charges for? If your account was actually cancelled, then You won't be able to login it. ( You can accessto your self serve for 90days after the cancelation


Thank you Mayumi and nim4165 for your answer.

I did talk to a representative by phone to cancel my account, however, I haven’t received any confirmation by e-mail. I don’t have access to my self-serve account anymore but the bills still coming as if my account was activated.

I’ll try Facebook as nim4165 suggested.  Thank you guys