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Cancellation Responsibility

  • 21 August 2014
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hi, I recently shifted on koodo from Fido. Before shifting of service Koodo dealer assure me hat they will take charges/work of cancellation and my number will be smoothly shifted on Koodo without any charges. They all assure me that my services being treated cancelled at Fido from the date i was activated on Koodo account. Today i received a invoice bill from Fido charging my month bill which surprising for me . Here i want to know that when number shifted from one Operator to another operator then service should be treated as cancelled automatically or what ? who will be the responsible for taking care of cancellation matters ? I believe Koodo taking the responsibility of all cancellation matter from the date i was shifted pls advice..

2 replies

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Koodo facilitated transferring your number over but Fido is still the one who canceled it. Fido is responsible for any cancelation fees or on your case, a month's bill of usage. It's a common thing with Rogers and Fido on older contracts for not giving 30-days notice for cancellation.
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I think they meant Koodo will transfer your number and request the cancellation for you for no extra charges.