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I cancelled with Koodo on June 14, but received a bill for June 11 - July 10. The person at the store told me it would be pro-rated but I would have to finish paying off the rest of my tab on my next bill. Why is the June bill for the full amount?

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Based on the dates you gave, the line was cancelled AFTER the bill cycle has started. This would indicate the final bill will be mid-July and have the prorated amount on that bill. Lines are generally cancelled at the end of a bill cycle anyway.
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Depending on billing cycle, I noticed from your post that your bill was for June 11 - July, meaning your billing start days is 11th of every month, since your called in after your billing close day whic is June 10th, Koodo issued the bill for that period, Koodo will then cancel your account in next coming billing close date which is July 1oth, you won't be billed for them month but for Tab only
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Hi there, a cancellation can only be done over the phone. Since you indicated "at the store", I would assume that you didn't call us. I suggest that you give us a call at *611 from your cell (it should work) or 1-866-995-6636 from another line, option #5. We'll have a look at your account and check these charges. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.